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Thank you for your interest in StorageCraft File Backup and Recovery with Backup Analyzer, an innovative and powerful addition to the StorageCraft Recovery Solution. This new tehnology is available for StorageCraft’s North American partners now through the new Partner Portal. On November 1st there will be a full global rollout which will make this innovative product available through StorageCraft partners to their customers across the globe.

This new solution became available through StorageCraft’s acquisition of Gillware Online Backup. The primary purpose for this acquisition is the sophisticated analytics that intelligently identifies and separates critical data that should be backed up from non-necessary data. This approach to intelligent tiered data architecture provides rapid access to mission-critical information at times when it’s needed most, and highlights the important concept that “all data is not equal”.

The technology that drives this new wave of backup and recovery thinking is its Backup Analyzer. This is a web application that provides an intelligent review and analysis of the data on a computer. It decides what data is backed up and what is excluded. The Backup Analyzer does analysis and configuration without needing to interrupt users, and it doesn’t even require their computers to be on. It quickly separates the data into categories of what to protect, what to exclude.

It adds an additional dimension through its classification of “Unaddressed Files.” These unaddressed files are often the diamonds in rough. Once they have been identified and separated, additional rules can be defined for each file type and then applied on the fly to a single computer or even to all computers under management wherever they may be located, in one step.

An additional advantage which gives breadth to the StorageCraft Recovery Solution is the intelligence-driven file-based backup option to review and protect critical data on laptops and other computers that aren’t regularly or easily backed up to protected servers. Not only does this cover critical organizational data that is often overlooked or missed, it is also makes it significantly easier to recover files and folders through an intuitive web interface.


An easy to use web-based interface for centralized installation, deployment, configuration, monitoring and reporting.


An easy to use web-based interface for centralized installation, deployment, configuration, monitoring and reporting.


  • This product efficiently and reliably backs up data for mobile and remote users
  • It enables the backup of files that are in use or locked
  • It supports unlimited file revisions so clients can recover previous versions of their data
  • Data is stored encrypted and compressed in secure Tier III SSAE 16, PCI, and HIPAA/HITECH audited data centers

Data Backup

Partners can choose the protection level that makes the most sense for different data types.


  • Data analytics increases the speed of recovery
  • It easily recovers individual files and folders from the familiar Windows interface
  • It restores previous revisions of files that were inadvertently deleted
  • Enables backup and recovery of critical organizational data on machines that are not regularly protected

Data Backup

Partners can choose the protection level that makes the most sense for different data types.


  • The powerful StorageCraft Backup Analyzer identifies critical company data
  • It distinguishes what should be backed up and what should be excluded
  • It also suggests additional data that might be important to the end-user
  • Additional policies can be set up on the fly to manage these additional data groups
  • Intelligent monitoring features ensure backups are operating properly

Data Recovery

Allows faster recovery of critical data without the need to sort through unnecessary files.


  • The dashboard licenses, installs, configures, and monitors backups from one central location
  • Backup configurations can be created and applied to a single computer or to thousands with a single click
  • Changes to backup configurations can be made with no disruption to end-users
  • Automated end-user reporting reminds your client about the value of your backup services

Frequently Asked Questions

Will current Gillware partners need to become StorageCraft partners in order to continue to sell the Gillware Online backup product?

No, for the foreseeable future, Gillware partners will be able to continue to purchase File-Based Backup as well as Full Image Backup just as they have done in the past. For them it is business as usual.

Will there be training for Gillware and StorageCraft partners on the products in each others’ portfolio?

Yes, in the month of October there will be a series of training sessions for Gillware partners on the StorageCraft solutions, and a series of trainings for the StorageCraft partners on Gillware solutions.

What is the process for Gillware partners to become StorageCraft partners?

Gillware partners need only go to the StorageCraft Partner Page and sign up. They will have received prior approval, they just need to complete the necessary forms.

When will StorageCraft File Based Backup be made available globally, and will it only be in English?

The global release of StorageCraft File Based Backup will be the first week of November. It will be available in English in Australia on November 1st, and in English in EMEA on November 3rd.

When will the product be re-branded and what will that mean?

The product will be re-branded with StorageCraft branding in the next few months. Marketing materials will be available for localization in October, the product itself will not be localized into other languages until early 2017.

Will Gillware partner accounts be automatically merged into StorageCraft MSP accounts?

Yes, this will happen automatically. Gillware partners will see things done the same way for them in the next few months, but the accounts will be rolled over.

For current StorageCraft partners, how will they get access to the File Based Backup Solution?

On October 5th, with the launch of the new StorageCraft Partner Portal, all current StorageCraft Partners will have access to the StorageCraft File Based Backup solution. Every partner will also be entitled to 1 NFR by default.

Will StorageCraft File Based Backup continue to be HIPAA compliant? What about StorageCraft solutions?

StorageCraft File Based Backup will continue to be HIPAA compliant. StorageCraft products can be reviewed on a case by case basis.

How will the Gillware hard drive recovery business be affected?

The hard drive recovery business will continue as a separate business with its current branding and management team.

Will there be changes in the near future to the File Based Backup product?

The development team for Gillware Online Backup are now part of the StorageCraft team. The product will continue to be enhanced and expanded. It is a valuable piece of the StorageCraft Recovery Solution.

Will the Gillware Data Analytics engine be expanded to other StorageCraft Products?

Yes, StorageCraft is very excited about adding and continuing to enhance the Gillware Data Analytics engine.

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