Developing a Disaster Recovery Plan for the Cloud Era with Backup and DRaaS

Have you fallen into the trap of believing that if your data/services are in the cloud they do not need to be a part of your disaster recovery plan? Far too many companies are guilty of putting their data at risk because they have forgotten that the cloud is just someone else’s server running in a data center. The problem: they don’t control that data center and can never visit it. RAID, data replication, and the service provider’s reliability guarantee are not enough.

Presenter: Eric B. Rux
Eric B. Rux has over 26 years in the IT industry. He has worked for the US Navy, a large power company, higher education, the manufacturing industry and is currently the IT Director for a K12 school in Eastern Washington State. When Eric isn't trying to keep the school children off of inappropriate websites while at school, he is running his own IT consulting company and helping local business with their IT challenges. Eric's areas of expertise include Microsoft Server, Active Directory, Desktop Management, Office 365 (online Exchange), Disaster Recovery, as well as Google's GSuite offerings. He has written numerous articles on topics such as Exchange Disaster Recovery, merging Active Directory after one company buys another, mass-deploying iPhones to staff, and many others. Eric wrote a monthly column on Windows Home Server directed at the home user.

Presenter: Junior Silva, Lead Product Manager
Junior Silva is the lead Product Manager at StorageCraft delivering the next-gen platform of the future, today.
He understands IT challenges inside and out through working in various IT roles and has extensive experience with Public and Private Cloud migrations and DR. He has held many certifications over the years and was one of the youngest Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer in the world at age 17.
He is passionate about technology and innovation that transforms the IT industry.

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