The OneXafe Content Library is an encyclopedia of everything related to OneXafe!

The OneXafe Content Library includes the following:

  • OneXafe Video: introduction and high-level explanation of OneXafe, benefits, and use cases
  • OneXafe Overview: solution overview detailing our converged storage solution that unifies data protection with scale-out storage for all unstructured data and backup targets.
  • OneXafe Webinar: take a deeper dive into OneXafe, its complete feature set, and how siloed problems of independently managing data protection and scale-out storage is now solved under OneXafe
  • Converged Data Protection Whitepaper: use cases and benefits of converged data protection platforms for mid-size businesses
  • OneXafe 5410 All-flash Performance Storage: provides scale-out storage for high-performance, unstructured data and backup targets
  • OneXafe 4400 Scale-out Capacity Storage: delivers scale-out storage for unstructured data and backup targets
  • OneXafe Converged Secondary Storage Brief: detailed description of converged data platform that unifies enterprise-class data protection with scale-out storage
  • OneXafe Converged Secondary Storage Video: animation video describing unified, converged data protection
  • OneXafe Converged Secondary Storage Datasheet: architecture, specs, features and benefits, description, and OneXafe models in datasheet
  • Solutions At-a-Glance: quick snapshot of our latest solutions including OneXafe, ShadowXafe, Cloud Services, and Cloud Backup

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