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OneXafe is an industry-first converged storage solution that unifies data protection with scale-out storage for all your unstructured data and backup targets. OneXafe removes siloed solutions and minimizes costs incurred from standalone hardware and software solutions.

OneXafe is a multi-purpose storage solution that can be configured based on your business needs: Scalable storage for high performance unstructured data, backup targets or both.

Get up to 7.6TB flash storage free with a purchase of OneXafe 5410.

This offer is risk free with a 30-day money back guarantee. Test the solution. If you are not satisfied within 30 days, receive a complete refund.

Revolutionize your storage and data management with OneXafe!

*Purchase OneXafe 5410 with 6x 1.9TB SSDs and get 4x 1.9TB SSDs for free
*Contact your authorized StorageCraft partner to take advantage of this offer

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OneXafe Benefits


Each OneXafe delivers excellent all-flash IOPS performance per each OneXafe, making it the perfect fit for performance hungry applications such as virtualization, VDI, and high-performance backup/recovery.


Scaling Storage capacity is as easy as adding an SSD. OneXafe is extremely agile; as business requirements for data storage or performance change, simply add any number of flash drives, at any time, with zero configuration, and in any capacity to meet the business’ needs. Provision only the storage capacity as needed, without extensive capacity planning exercises and over-provisioning by purchasing 3 years ahead of business needs.


Our rich datacenter-class features which are extremely simple to use make OneXafe the most cost-effective storage solution in the market. Powerful storage reduction technologies such as inline deduplication and compression ensure the cost of ownership is at least 50% lower than other performance storage solutions in the market. OneXafe is simpler to operate and manage, keeping operating costs an order of magnitude lower.


Storage provisioning can be done with zero-configuration. There is no need to manually manage storage pools, RAID sets, or volumes with OneXafe. System resiliency from multi-SSD or even OneXafe failures is automatic. Many of the day-to-day data storage management tasks are handled automatically. All included features are "on" by default and do not require complex configuration. Simply implement disaster recovery with real-time replication in just 3 clicks using OneSystem.


StorageCraft provides the ultimate flexibility with the ability to purchase compatible SSDs at retail prices, saving 10x the cost compared to legacy storage vendors. Mix-and-match drive types (SAS, SATA) and capacities (up to 3.8TB) within the same OneXafe and within a OneXafe cluster with zero-configuration.