Meet OneBlox 5210 : Scale-out all-flash storage

Say hello to a storage solution you can get excited about: OneBlox scale-out all-flash array. 

OneBlox 5210 is an innovative storage solution that presents a seamless pool of flash storage capacity to your applications.

  • Expand storage dynamically over time by incrementally adding SSDs or additional OneBlox
  • Keep the storage footprint in check with powerful storage reduction technologies, such as inline variable-length deduplication and compression.
  • Purchase your enterprise class SSDs at retail prices that are a fraction of what other all-flash array vendors charge.

Add all that up and you get OneBlox all-flash storage at less than $0.50/GB effective (assuming 5:1 storage reduction ratios). There is no reason to stay with a hard-drive storage solution for your high-performance hungry applications, including backup.

For a limited time, with each OneBlox 5210 opportunity purchase, receive 7.6TB of flash at no additional cost.

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