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Starting now, you can change the way the storage game is played and become a leader in the data management revolution. Imagine being able to take your clients from primary to secondary to cloud with a new range of solutions that eliminates their storage problems and their management headaches. With StorageCraft’s award-winning data protection reliability, and the infinite scale-out power of OneBlox from Exablox, you can offer a more intelligent approach to data management. Together, StorageCraft and Exablox solutions give your customers peace of mind about what to protect, where to put it, and how to restore it, no matter what kind of environment they’re in.

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StorageCraft and Exablox joined forces today to help businesses analyze, protect, and store their data. The new entity is the first with an approach that recognizes the blurring lines between primary and secondary storage, and between data availability and data protection.


Q: Why did StorageCraft choose Exablox to be part of their expanding data management portfolio?

A: This acquisition is a natural extension of a larger strategy that was set in motion a year ago with the arrival of Matt Medeiros as Chairman and CEO of StorageCraft. The successful OEM distribution agreement the two companies last year confirmed the powerful synergy between OneBlox, an infinite scale-out storage solution, and the proven reliability of StorageCraft’s award-winning line of business continuity solutions. ShadowProtect SPX was recognized as the “Best of VMWorld 2016” Gold Award winner in the data protection category.

Q: How will this deal benefit the combined StorageCraft and Exablox partner communities and their end customers?

A: Resellers and end users will both see an immediate benefit from this relationship, with more integrations and enhancements to follow as we disclose our technology roadmap. As StorageCraft’s SMB channel strength meets the mid-tier strength of Exablox, partners will be well-positioned to take advantage of exploding data management market trends. Partners will have the opportunity to solve their customers’ primary and secondary storage challenges with the combined product portfolio.

Q: What impact will this deal have on existing StorageCraft and Exablox customer relationships?

A: Sales and support contacts that are already in place for both companies will continue in the near term without disruption. As new efficiencies are introduced, partners will receive advance notice on any contact process updates. All partners in the combined StorageCraft and Exablox communities will be invited to ongoing business and technical training webinars. In addition to deep dives on individual products, existing partners and customers will receive regular updates on how the solutions can work together for added technical and cost benefits.

Q: What will happen to the Exablox brand?

A: Exablox has been recognized with numerous industry accolades over the years, including recognition as a Cool Vendor by Gartner Group. The Exablox brand will remain and for the near term, Exablox and StorageCraft will continue to function independently for both new and existing customers. There are aggressive integration plans underway that will open up exciting new business possibilities in both the SMB and mid-enterprise markets. The two companies will work together to help organizations maintain uptime and manage their data explosion.

Q: Can StorageCraft customers purchase Exablox products today?

A: Yes, many resellers and end users have already had success combining Exablox and StorageCraft, and this synergy has been proven for months in the prior OEM distribution agreement. Visit the Exablox website for more information. Although StorageCraft and Exablox products will continue to work and be supported independently, exciting integration plans will open up new deployment possibilities and we’ll be announcing them soon.

Q: Who should partners and customers contact with support questions for Exablox and StorageCraft products?

A: Support contacts will remain the same for both product lines in the near term. For Exablox, call 855.EXABLOX or email [email protected], The StorageCraft support team can be reached at

Q: What will Douglas Brockett’s role be going forward?

A: Douglas Brockett will join the StorageCraft executive team as President, reporting to Matt Medeiros, Chairman and CEO of StorageCraft Technology Corporation.