Cloud Failover in the Flick of a Switch
Total Business Continuity with StorageCraft

As a successful VAR or MSP, you fully understand that data is the lifeline of your customer’s business. As your client’s trusted advisor, not only have you kept local backups of their data, but you have also replicated these offsite to ensure that your customer can access these at all times and keep their business running in the face of any disaster.

When deciding where to replicate this data, there are a number of key considerations including: how quickly can you restore the data, how complicated is it to restore the data, can you restore in all scenarios …

Purpose-built Disaster Recovery Cloud
StorageCraft offers a highly customizable disaster recovery cloud, allowing you to replicate backups remotely and to provide data recovery and instant virtualization of machines in the cloud.

  • Enterprise failover in the cloud
  • 99.999% uptime
  • Restore customers remotely in minutes
  • Self-service, one-stop portal
  • Flexible service levels
  • Predictable, competitive billing, no hidden fees
  • One-click, site-wide failover testing without disrupting production environment

Wrap invaluable DR services around the StorageCraft suite allowing you to:

  • Earn maximum margins
  • Not leave money on the table
  • Offer a scalable DR solution that delivers every time
  • Deliver complete Business Continuity
  • Sell Enterprise Cloud Failover

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