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Pay the price of 3-year maintenance and get ShadowXafe license for free!

  • Physical Server with 3 years Premium Support (MSRP: USD 770.63 – AUD 770.63 – NZD 801.46)
  • Virtual Socket with 3 years Premium Support (MSRP: USD 918.87 – AUD 918.87 – NZD 955.62)
  • Virtual VM with 3 years Premium Support (MSRP: USD 131.89 – AUD 131.89 – NZD 137.17)

Offer Expires 27th December 2019!

Benefits of switching over:

  • Single data protection workflow for your hybrid (virtual and physical) environments
  • Hardware and Hypervisor independent recovery for significant flexibility
  • Automated and advanced verification of backup images for dependable recovery
  • Rapid recovery directly from backup images with patented VirtualBoot technology (vSphere or HyperV)

Terms & Conditions

  • Applies to end users only (perpetual licensing)
  • Customer provides proof of competitive product ownership
  • No limit on the number of ShadowXafe perpetual licenses that can be purchased at the competitive price

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