StorageCraft OneXafe Storage DR bundle: Buy one, get one free!
Purchase a OneXafe 4412, 4417 or 5410 with 5 years premium support (including OneSystem) and get the same appliance and support free of charge to optimize your data resilience! 
Shake Off the Shackles! The OneXafe series unstructured-data storage solution solves common pain points of storing unstructured data: complex installation, cumbersome storage management, limited capacity, lack of data security, and forklift upgrades. 

 Offer ends 27th December 2019.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Applies to end-users only
  • Only available for net new opportunities and requires StorageCraft’s approval
  • Usual MSRP and standard partner discounts apply to drives and subscriptions (data protection, encryption and remote replication)
  • Available via distribution only

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