Everything You Wanted To Know:
OneXafe Solo Storage

OneXafe Solo has raised the bar with an unmatched level of flexibility and capabilities - all built into what is already the most powerful appliance-based protection in the MSP arsenal. These fortified features offer unlimited use-case implementation – and make Solo the single-most irreplaceable device in your SMB solution stack.

Watch recording and discover everything your MSP service team needs to know about the flexible storage options for our next-gen data protection software, ShadowXafe and our differentiated appliance, OneXafe Solo. We will walk through setup, configuration and using the Solo cockpit – all capped off with a demo.

This session will provide you a look under the hood into OneXafe Solo and cover:

  • 2.5" Internal Storage
  • USB Local Storage
  • SMB Storage (Overview, deep dive in module 2)
  • StorageCraft Cloud Storage
  • Troubleshooting Solo Storage

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