StorageCraft Cloud Services - Major Release

Get an exclusive look, as we showcase our commitment to innovation and the evolving demands of business continuity and disaster recovery.

StorageCraft is pleased to announce that our Cloud Services solution will adopt the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) as the infrastructure for its Cloud Services (DRaaS) solution. This means our purpose-built solution will now be layered on top of the highly reliable, scalable and available hyperscale data centers from GCP. During this preview we’ll cover:

  • A deep dive into the partner-first functionality included in the purpose-built software component designed to streamline the backup and recovery of data
  • A detailed overview of the replication speeds, performance, and reliability of the underlying GCP infrastructure
  • A discussion about the up-leveled security, scalability, and elasticity opportunities available with GCP infrastructure
  • What current partners can expect from the transition
  • BONUS! A reveal on our updated and attractive pricing for our Cloud Basic for smaller capacity servers and workstations

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